Welcome to The Studio Haven! Let’s meet your team of professionals that will work together to ensure your session is easy and well-planned!

Your Photographer

Trisha began her journey as a boudoir photographer in 2016 after a successful stint in the world of food blogging. An introverted extrovert at heart, she tells groan-worthy dad jokes, cannot dance to save her life, and has a codependent Golden Retriever named Fred. As one half of the dynamic mother-daughter duo, she thrives on caffeine and creative highs every time she captures a fire shot. She has the best job on earth and couldn’t imagine doing anything else!

Your Editor

Lindsay began her editing career at just 18 when the workload of the studio became too much for one person. She’s the other half of The Studio Haven’s mother-daughter team and everyone’s best friend during sessions as she assists in wardrobe selections. When she’s not in front of her computer editing sessions, she’s likely hanging out with her main man – her baby boy.

Your Hair and Makeup Artist

Gabby has been The Studio Haven’s makeup artist since 2021.

Your Studio Manager

Jen is The Studio Haven’s newest addition. Trisha and Lindsay dubbed her the OG because she was one of the first women they photographed.