All Tied Up Presets


A collection of 15 presets created based on our studio’s colorful neons and harsh window light



Have you tried to create cohesive studio images with an emotive feel but persistently come up short?

Are your images simply not moody enough for you?

Have you been looking for a set of presets that will make your brand stand out amongst a sea of talented artists?

The All Tied Up collection of Desktop Lightroom (XMP) presets is exactly what you need to take your artwork to the next level!

This collection of 15 presets was created based on our studio’s colorful neons and harsh window light. Our rich color spectrum and moody mattes help to bring out all the emotion during your boudoir sessions. These presets work well with all conditions. Harsh light, ambient light, and colorful gels and neons are easy peasy when you’ve got this collection in your bag of tools!

***Compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic.***

Helpful hints:

Expose for your highlights in camera.

Shoot auto white balance.

Enable profile corrections for your specific camera and lens. 

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