Empowering Your Soul. Feeling Your Beauty



When was the last time you celebrated your happy family? At The Studio Haven, we are here to celebrate all the cycles of your relationships. Gather up the kids, throw a quilt in the car, and let’s go on an adventure together! 

From sprawling olive tree orchards to romping through lavender fields in late May, we will keep your family moving and interacting during our short 60 minutes together. Sure, we will get that one shot Grandma just has to have of the entire family cheesing for the camera, but for the rest of the session, you’ll be too busy running, jumping, swinging, snuggling, and laughing to remember that we’re taking photos. We want to capture your family as it normally is, including those tender moments you didn’t think I was able to snag!

Not sure what to wear? We’ve got you covered with a super secret Pinterest board devoted to all things family photography fashion. Hint: it’s all about coordinating – not matching.

When the images are all edited, we’ll have you back to the studio to make selections and decide how you best want to display your treasured moments. It helps if you’ve taken the time to measure walls and have gift lists ready so the ordering appointment runs smoothly. We are here to help you every step of the way!

Ready to book your family photography session and create lasting memories? Schedule your consult by emailing us at info@thestudiohaven.com!