Empowering Your Soul. Feeling Your Beauty



Boudoir is so much more than a sexy photo shoot. It’s about confidence and empowerment. It’s about finding yourself again, and seeing your beauty through the eyes of someone else. Most of all, it’s about discovering the woman that was lost so very long ago due to a variety of different reasons.

Sure, we dress up in sexy lingerie and get glam.

The glam gives us that sass we’ve been missing. And that lacy lingerie creates a silhouette we forgot we had.

Our flaws may show, but to the ones we love, and especially ourselves, they are our badge of honor; our life story. I’d love to work with you to bring these stories back to life.

We all deserve to feel beautiful, to feel coveted, and to embrace our bodies. We strive to create an all inclusive experience with our boudoir photography sessions. From start to finish, we partner with our clients to ensure that the session is easy and that you are prepared for the newfound confidence we know you will find.

We start with a pre session consultation where we discuss the look you’re after – sexy, sultry, sweet, too glam to give a damn, and so on – and then talk about wardrobe. We also stock an extensive lingerie closet that our clients just go nuts over. From bodysuits to teddies to bra and panty sets, we stock every size and every style. We also stock shoes, jewelry, and accessories galore. Every style. Every size. Every need taken care of. Lindsay will get your entire wardrobe lined up for your shoot. She’s pretty much the fashionista of our dynamic duo. Our clients love working with her because she has that fresh eye for what looks great on every body type. Plus she does a majority of the editing, so she’s going to be the final set of eyes on your images before their big unveiling.

We provide a variety of luxuries as part of this all inclusive experience. It starts with a two hour hair and makeup makeover by our fabulous hair and makeup artist. She takes our clients from fresh face and hair to va-va-va-voom. The transformations that come out of her dedicated room never cease to amaze me. We love to show the before and after shots of our clients just to show how beautiful our clients are with a few tweaks and a creative eye!

The session itself lasts about an hour to an hour and a half. We take every opportunity to capture the beauty, confidence, and spark that’s been hiding deep down for far too long. Careful attention is paid to every detail using our expert posing experience and state of the art equipment. We make sure that we teach our clients how to look great in photographs not only for our time together but for even those simple Instagram selfies!

From start to finish, we strive to make the process effortless and focused entirely on our clients. Just show up and we will take it from there!

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